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ellyn speaks out:

MK w/ Terry Richardson

Long time no see!

So lately a photographer named Terry Richardson has posted a few pictures with MK on his tumblr:

"Me and Mary-Kate at the Richard Prince opening."

"Mary Kate at Mariko’s pot luck bday."

I thought you guys might like to see them.

Also I wanted to make sure you guys had seen this other MK-related tumblr -- so effing funny. If you've seen a lot of videos of MK, you'll notice this chick has her mannerisms completely down. Granted, she is making fun of her, so die-hard fans might be a little offended. Obviously I've been an MK fan for years and years but I still find them priceless.


She's taking a little break right now, but if you go through the last 19 videos she made, I think you'll find them quite enjoyable. They're in order, so if you watch the newest to the oldest, you might be a little confused.

Lastly, speaking of tumblrs, feel free to follow me if you do that sort of thing! http://mytwohands.tumblr.com/

peace, love & mka,
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