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ellyn speaks out:

Anyone seen this before?

Is this real?

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I saw it on a tumblr blog but I've never seen it before.
I have a hard time believing it's real because how would someone get
a hold of her license with a enough time to make a photocopy?
Then again, it looks like an expired license so someone could have stolen it from her.

Also, I think she (or the person who made it)
clearly misrepresented her height (as she has said multiple times
that she barely hits 5 feet) though I could definitely buy the weight, particularly
a few years ago. Regardless, 85 lbs puts her a remarkably small BMI.

I find it funny that of all things they blocked out, they did her address
even though every mka fanatic always knows where they live. I mean the
paparazzi take pictures in front of their house which clearly show the household
number. I would much rather the world not have my drivers license number.

Anyway, I hope this hasn't been asked before. I've been a little out of the MKA world,
so it very well may have.
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Looks real to me. haha Idk. There's lots of things that people need to copy your license for. Dr's appointments, school permits, etc. I'm sure it would be easy for someone to get a copy. Or she could have tossed it when she got her new one and someone got a hold of it. I just looked at my license from when I lived in CA and my license number was green, not red. That doesn't mean it's fake though. That could have changed.
whats the tag on it say?
What tag?


December 30 2010, 06:03:07 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  December 30 2010, 06:07:49 UTC

I think it's the olsenobsessive.net tag.

Yeah, it's it.

when you see it in HQ, it definitely makes the case for it being real. The detail in it would be pretty hard to pull off for a fake.
i feel like there isnt enough information on the license. maybe i just have a lot of little tid bits on my license, but.. yeah
That's all mine says haha
I def would believe it's real. Celebs get their stuff stolen/taken all the time. There's a pic out there of Lindsay's entire wallet contents!

And it doesn't necessarily have to be a photo copy, It could very easily be a photo taken with a camera.

AND I'm 5'1" but my license's have said I've been 5'3" and 5'2" with my weight at 105lbs even when I was way bigger (and smaller). ;)
The DMV doesn't weigh or measure you, they just ask. lol
Yeah I know they don't ask you; I'm just surprised she wouldn't tell the truth to the DMV when she's said how tall she is on national TV haha.

Deleted comment

from what I can tell on tumblr threads, it's not on every American driver license. Just some states. I know it is here in CA. I usually lie by about 5 lbs haha.

Deleted comment

Yeah you're totally right. I guess just for identification purposes? The same sort of reasons why you put your height.

Deleted comment

yeah, haha I guess you're right.
It's real. I've seen a paparazzi photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley in an airport, and she's holding her drivers licence and ticket. She uses it for identification.
Could you possibly share that photo?
whoa thanks so much! great find.
Sure :)
The date says 2007 and isn't that around the time she had the eating disorder? That could account for the weight.