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good news [15 Oct 2012|11:21am]


NEW Ashley ph.Collapse )
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Mk's Supposed New Boyfriend [07 Jun 2012|08:25pm]

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Not everyone is as thrilled about Mary-Kate Olsen's relationship with former French president Nicolas Sarkozy's half brother Olivier as the love-sick couple are. Olivier's ex-wife Charlotte Sarkozy has spoken out about the pair, branding it 'grotesque'. Speaking to the National Enquirer about their blooming relationship she said: 'That's not right. It's grotesque.'
Mary Kate is 17 years Olivier's junior but they are said to be 'head over heels' after being spotted cuddling up to each other at Madison Square Gardens on April 25.

An insider also told the magazine: 'Charlotte certainly won't want her kids to be around Mary-Kate, who has a history of wild-partying and booze binges.' Charlotte and Olivier have two children together. Charlotte - a children's book author - married the former French president's half brother in 1997 and divorced him around 13 years later. He has previously been linked to actress Stella Schabnel, 29.

When the unlikely couple were first snapped at the New York Knicks game at the end of April, Olivier - an investment banker - was seen stroking Mary Kate's hair and whispering in her ear. They are also said to have enjoyed a break together in the Hamptons recently. The asset manager further stirs up the eclectic mix of Mary-Kate's boyfriends, who have included artists, actors and shipping heirs. Mary Kate has also dated New York artist Nate Lowman for two years before their split in 2010. She has also hinted at how breaking up with her one-time boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos led to her drop out of NYU in 2005. She has also been linked to shoe designer Seth Campbell and the late actor Heath Ledger before his death in 2008.

News of her blossoming love life comes as business also appears to be doing well. Along with twin sister Ashley, Mary-Kate was recently listed in a list of the fashion's top 30 names under 30. The former child stars, who shot to fame on Full House, made the list thanks to their multimillion dollar clothing empire. They have worked on a string of fashion labels, and last July debuted their high-end handbag line for The Row at Barneys. The line includes a croc backpack retailing at a lavish $39,000. They have also been spotted out toting mini handbags, sold at $3,200 apiece.

As well as The Row, which has been worn by Michelle Obama, the women are behind mid-priced labels Elizabeth & James and teen line Olsenboye. They also created website StyleMint, which recently collaborated with Rachel Bilson.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2155387/Olivier-Sarkozys-ex-wife-slams-relationship-Mary-Kate-Olsen-25-saying-right.html
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NYC Video? [27 Feb 2011|12:55pm]

 Hey guys! Just had a flashback of this amazing black and white video made in NYC by Mary-Kate's friends and she makes an appearance.. The background music is set to the Killers "All These Things I've Done". Does anyone have the link or even remember what I'm talking about? Peace&Love. XO
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mary kate and ashley's book influence [12 May 2011|09:21pm]

Hey everyone! I apologize if this is the wrong place to write this etc, but i was just wondering if anyone has a link to scans or a pdf file of mary kate and ashley's book influence? I cannot find it anywhere in stores!
Any help is appreciated :)
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bed. Ashley. [20 Feb 2012|01:30pm]


ash with bartha.

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Sunglass Love! [30 Mar 2011|01:28pm]

I'm so terribly in love with these sunglasses. Does anyone know where they're from and maybe a less expensive pair?

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Olsen sisters Hits The Beach In Southeast Asia (with Justin) + Mary-Kate in West Hollywood 23 Dec [13 Jan 2011|12:37pm]


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Oh, I like this natural poses and faces :)

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Anyone seen this before? [29 Dec 2010|06:46pm]

Is this real?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I saw it on a tumblr blog but I've never seen it before.
I have a hard time believing it's real because how would someone get
a hold of her license with a enough time to make a photocopy?
Then again, it looks like an expired license so someone could have stolen it from her.

Also, I think she (or the person who made it)
clearly misrepresented her height (as she has said multiple times
that she barely hits 5 feet) though I could definitely buy the weight, particularly
a few years ago. Regardless, 85 lbs puts her a remarkably small BMI.

I find it funny that of all things they blocked out, they did her address
even though every mka fanatic always knows where they live. I mean the
paparazzi take pictures in front of their house which clearly show the household
number. I would much rather the world not have my drivers license number.

Anyway, I hope this hasn't been asked before. I've been a little out of the MKA world,
so it very well may have.
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Ashley Olsen - marktbeauty.com Photoshoot 2010 - MQ & HQ [14 Oct 2010|04:26pm]


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[11 Nov 2010|09:05pm]


I am absolutely in love with both of MK's bags here. I'm pretty sure they're not the same bag, but can anyone ID it or tell me where I can get something similar looking?

Same thing with MK's green jacket. Love it.

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double take [19 Nov 2010|09:01am]


wow this model seriously looks like mary kate. or at least her very tan cousin.. ? anyway here's her blog: http://lisaplace.devote.se/

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[01 Aug 2010|10:26pm]


New York, July 29, 2010

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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen - At the Art of Elysium ''Bright Lights'' in NYC - April 30th 2010 HQ [10 May 2010|03:22pm]


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have a good one, girls ♥ [13 Jun 2010|06:04am]

[ mood | groggy ]

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Happy Birthday to the girls! [14 Jun 2010|12:00am]

Here's a new pic.

Anyone know what's up with their hair? Was it for a party/event of some sort?  
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Hi! New and an Olsen Twins Music request? [25 Jun 2010|03:52pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! I'm new here. I just joined! I grew up with Full House as well as the You’re Invited Videos and some of the Olsen Twins mysteries!

I was just wondering if anyone had the soundtracks for MKA's greatest hits 1-3, Ballet Party, Sleepover Party? If so, could you upload them to sendspace for me? I'd really appreciate it. I Thanks!

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MK w/ Terry Richardson [11 May 2010|03:16pm]

Long time no see!

So lately a photographer named Terry Richardson has posted a few pictures with MK on his tumblr:

"Me and Mary-Kate at the Richard Prince opening."

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Also I wanted to make sure you guys had seen this other MK-related tumblr -- so effing funny. If you've seen a lot of videos of MK, you'll notice this chick has her mannerisms completely down. Granted, she is making fun of her, so die-hard fans might be a little offended. Obviously I've been an MK fan for years and years but I still find them priceless.


She's taking a little break right now, but if you go through the last 19 videos she made, I think you'll find them quite enjoyable. They're in order, so if you watch the newest to the oldest, you might be a little confused.

Lastly, speaking of tumblrs, feel free to follow me if you do that sort of thing! http://mytwohands.tumblr.com/

peace, love & mka,
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Nueva sección!!!!!! [10 Apr 2010|05:18pm]


No te pierdas la nueva sección de ashleyolsen-style: El estilo de ashley.Analizamos las claves de su estilo para que tu también seas la más fashion como nuestra gemela favorita ASHLEY OLSEN .No te lo pierdas!!!

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http://asholsen-style.blogspot.com/ [01 Apr 2010|01:16am]


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[26 Mar 2010|12:59am]


mkalims is a Mary-Kate & Ashley last icon maker standing contest that has been running for over 4 years. The community has been lacking in participants within the last few rounds & could really use some sign ups for round #12. So if you are into making icons, I'd appreciate it if you checked it out. Thanks. :)
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