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Welcome to MKAOLSEN:
The BEST and LARGEST Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen community on Livejournal!

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This is THE place for Mary-Kate and Ashley fans to discuss the latest MK&A gossip and fashion trends, post opinions, share pictures, graphics and audio/visual clips, post quizzes and polls, ask questions... almost anything your little heart desires. Just make sure you follow our few simple rules...
(And yes the rules are enforced.)

1. Be respectful to all members of the community.

2. If you do not like Mary-Kate and Ashley, please post your opinions in your personal journal or in communities that allow it,
because it will NOT be tolerated here.

3. Remember, this is a community about Mary-Kate and Ashley --> keep posts relevant!

4. Put large/numerous pictures and long articles behind a LJ-CUT. If you do not know how to lj-cut - go here.

5. Put all graphics (icons, banners, etc.) under a lj-cut and label them as graphics in the lj-cut tag or somewhere in the post. Promoting your graphics journal/community is fine, as long as you're contributing a reasonable amout of graphics in your MKAOLSEN post. If you are posting icons, please post at least 10 icons in your entry at MKAOLSEN [not your graphic site] in order to promote or link your graphics journal/community.

6. Do not advertise your community here unless it is a specialized Mary-Kate and/or Ashley community or a previously existing MKA community that just needs some extra promotion. A promotion, ebay auction, or mka-style sales can be placed at the end of a picture or information post.

7. Picture posts of yourself and/or your friends will be rejected. Personal photos regarding "ducklips", MK&A-esque outfits or accessories, friends that slightly resemble the twins, etc, are not relevant to the community. (Unless we're hosting some kind of contest.)

8. Read some of our entries/check our memories before posting. This helps eliminate unnecessary posts, such as EXTREMLY repeated questions, discussion topics and photos.

REMEMBER: To reduce drama and rule-breaking, all posts are moderated.
Also, some of our posts are friends only, so join the community for the full experience!

Creator/Mod: bad_math
Mods: mytwohands & odds_against_me

Here are a few popular forums/news boards for more MK&A news:

+Olsen-Fan.net--one of best sources for new HQ MK&A picture updates with its organized gallery.
+Trenchcoatwins.net--contains an active forum and the largest gallery full of rare, exclusive pictures.
+Paparazzi World--a great forum for olsen fans from all around the world interested in celebrities of all kinds.
+Angela Olsen Fan--active forum, rare pictures, and comprehensive magazine gallery, as well as an olsen gallery.
+Kiwi Olsen--contains facts and biographies about the girls, as an incredibly accurate gallery of events & photoshoots.
+Olsen-Twins-News--brings you all up-to-date information on the girls; be sure to sign-up for email updates from the site.
+MKA Universe--with a reliable host, this site contains excellent updates and great HQ pictures, as well as exclusive Australian scans.

Looking for any other information on MK&A? Here's some other sites you might want to try:

+MKA-Fan--comprised entirely of rare and international scans of the girls.
+Olsen-Twins--best known for its incredible media gallery--use it to find any clips of the girls.
+Olsentwins.net--has an extensive list of all sites, forums, and galleries that have to do with MK&A.

Looking for a Mary-Kate and Ashley site based in another country? Check out some of these:

Olsen-Twins MKA

+mkaolsen is a site affliate with Olsen-fan.net--they have a very organized gallery, updated webpage, constantly changing layouts, and free graphics!

+mkaolsen is also a site affliate with Trenchcoatwins.net--check out their site and awesome gallery, which is now the largest and most comprehensive gallery on the net!

+lastly, mkaolsen is an affliate with mka-fan which is known for laced's extensive gallery filled with scans compiled entirely by herself.
at the gallery, you'll find tons of rare photos and scans of the twins from all over the world.

There are many communities out there that will suit your personal MK&A needs! Here are a few suggestions:

If you are a huge Mary-Kate fan, check out miss_marykate or __marykateolsen.
If Ashley is more your style, visit __ashleyolsen.
If you want MK&A's rare/recent pictures, be sure to check out mkaphotos.
Can't find the MK&A photos/info you're looking for? Ask the experts at mka_requests.
If you are interested in MK&A's great fashion sense, join mka___fashion.
If you love to imitate MK&A's fashion, post your photos at mka_imitate.
Do you also adore MK&A's Balenciaga bags? See them all at balenciagabags.
If you are looking for more graphics or icons, check out mka_graphics, mka_designs or mka_icons.
Think your graphics are the best? Test your skills in mka_icon_awards.
Do you have a MK&A community that you want to promote? Promote it at mka_promo.
And if you love Full House, check out fullhouse or 4ever_fullhouse.

We also have an AOL chat room if any of you would like to join in... it's called "MKAOlsen".

+mkaolsen is the sister community of mkaphotos

+all graphics created by the lovely and talented pale_septembre

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